This Is SEX

Serial cheaters are lousy in bed; here is why. Sex starts in the mind. Jesus knew what he was saying when he said, just looking at a person in a sexual way is a sin. He understood perfectly the power of the mind. People think sex is just about groins gyrating off on each other […]

The Bottomless Pit that is Money

Money is the root of all evil. Money is not the problem; the problem is how you spend it. I’d rather cry driving a Mercedes than laugh riding a bicycle. In the recent boxing match between Mayweather and McGregor, both ended up with at least 100M dollars, quite a tidy sum, don’t you agree?  It’s […]

Marry Yourself; Before You Say ‘I Do’

When I was 24 I thought I wanted to get married. I was in what I thought was an okay relationship compared to whatever it was I had before then, which was a thing. ‘Complicated’ describes it best.   Thankfully, when I hit 25, something happened that changed my entire outlook on life. I’d just cleared […]

Sex Of Generation X

The reason why I’m on this topic today is because currently where I am located, there has been surge of rape and sexual harassment cases and I felt I should speak up about it because that’s who I am; That’s what I do. Plus, I feel someone should step forward and tell these kids that […]