Marry Yourself; Before You Say ‘I Do’

When I was 24 I thought I wanted to get married. I was in what I thought was an okay relationship compared to whatever it was I had before then, which was a thing. ‘Complicated’ describes it best.   Thankfully, when I hit 25, something happened that changed my entire outlook on life. I’d just cleared […]

Sex Of Generation X

The reason why I’m on this topic today is because currently where I am located, there has been surge of rape and sexual harassment cases and I felt I should speak up about it because that’s who I am; That’s what I do. Plus, I feel someone should step forward and tell these kids that […]

Why Dating Is a Waste of Time

Those of you who are my friends on Facebook, have been reading up on some of my posts about relationships. While a good number of people seem to be keen on my statements others are skeptical (go figure) and then there are those who sit quietly wondering where all this is coming from. This particular […]

Mother’s Day Special

Last Mother’s Day, which was my first btw; I was happy; I was in pain, I was overwhelmed; I was emotional, I was scared; I was scarred, I was brave; I was weak, I was loved; I had support I was happy because: I’d just had a son (our pikin) almost a month old after […]

Death In the Family

For those of you who aren’t aware, I lost my fiancé/greatest companion/Baby Daddy/ Husband (In our opinion, we were already married) just about 3 months ago. He was killed just 9 days before the 1st stage of nuptials as per by both our customs. I won’t get into details about what happened to him because […]

I am a Kikuyu and I love Luos

Hi my name is Wokabi (Wokafi), I am a Kikuyu who grew up in Eastlands. I was a very talented child and my talent opened up many doors for me. I was famous and I liked it, until I didn’t. Being raised in a Kikuyu home, I have always been exposed to disdain over my […]